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Are you looking for a highly responsive and efficient commercial cleaning company in Hobart? We are one of Hobart's most trusted and experienced commercial cleaners. Our highly experienced and enthusiastic team will leave your commercial space, sparkling clean in no time. All our employees are certified and have a knack for cleaning services and hygiene that can transform the look and feel of your business location in a matter of hours. 

From the smallest of carpets or doormats to the biggest commercial spaces, we offer efficient and affordable commercial cleaning services that will transform your place into a germ-free and productive space. We travel across Southern Tasmania not only to leave your place sparkling clean but also to put a smile on your face. Client satisfaction, high-quality finishes and fostering successful, long-term relationships is our top priority. As most business owners and managers can appreciate, a tidy work environment means a more efficient and productive commercial space that can be good for workspace cohesion, culture and morale, the extension of which makes for a healthy business.

Commercial Cleaning

Everyone wants a tidy and alluring environment for their commercial and business space. We'll make your commercial space tidy and comfortable for your staff, considering the type of service you'll need; Desk cleaning, carpet cleaning, cobweb removing, name them all! We offer the best high-quality commercial cleaning services in Southern Hobart. Our services are not only affordable but also gratifying as they can radically improve the look and feel of your commercial environment.

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General Cleaning

Our cleaners will effectively spruce your office space to achieve the tidy and serene visual you've been yearning for. Whether you have a small office or a big business premise you want to be cleaned up on short notice, worry no more! we are fit for your task. Sit back and enjoy our quality and impressive service that will help you increase efficiency in your workspace.

Hotel and Short Stay Accommodation Cleaning 

We also offer commercial cleaning services for all forms of accommodation, from short stay to established hotels. Our exclusive Airbnb cleaning protocol will come in to save your day (read more about that here). We’ll work with you both on short term and long-term contracts. Let us spruce and clean your rooms to achieve a serene and relaxing environment for your clients. Achieving glamour in your space offers a long-lasting impression to your clients and helps to land those 5 star reviews that are so sought after in todays online driven marketplace. Our renowned commercial cleaning services will make your brand outstanding in your respective niche.

End Of Lease Cleaning

If you own a property that accommodates people's needs on a lease, i.e occupants/ tenants; you probably experienced how abrupt moving into or out of a place can be. Cleaning an apartment or stall can be pretty stressful since it's often on short notice. However, Healthy Hobart cleaning has got your back! Our team is always available on call 24/7, all you have to do is reach out to us. We respond immediately, clean, and will restore harmony to your place as soon as possible. Our work force is large enough to accommodate almost any real estate agent's needs in a shake of the duck's tail.


We strive to ensure all your cleaning needs are well catered for. We take pride in our years of industry experience as well as the long list of happy customers whose satisfaction has given us the brand we have established as one of the best cleaners in Southern Tasmania. Call us now to enjoy the best commercial cleaning services in Hobart.

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